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We both hold Ph.D.s in criminal justice and have extensive backgrounds in the study of police and policing. We have worked with police agencies across the country in consulting, training, strategic planning, and research capacities. Our services are grounded in practical application of evidence-based research. We are based in Orlando, but offer in-person and remote services to agencies across Florida and beyond.

Dr. Eugene Paoline, III

Dr. Paoline earned his Ph.D. from SUNY Albany and specializes in police culture and use of force. He has extensive experience with roll-call surveys and systematic social observation as methods to study officer attitudes and behavior. He also analyzes administrative data to discern patterns or trends in use of force.

Dr. Jacinta Gau

Dr. Gau earned her Ph.D. from Washington State University. In addition to a general policing specialty, she has specific expertise in order-maintenance policing, procedural justice and police legitimacy, police-community relations, and racial issues. She has conducted officer surveys and in-depth interviews with officers, and has assisted with training and facilitated strategic planning.

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