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Need help incorporating data into your deployment plans, developing a strategic plan, or maximizing department morale? We can help! We are available to assess current policies and the organizational climate and supply professional feedback and recommendations, as well as reports and presentations to stakeholders. Click on the "Contact" link today!


Regularly offered, high-quality training is the cornerstone of an effective organization. We specialize in police-community relations, racial issues, and police culture. Our trainings are tailored to meet your agency's needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Data Collection and Analysis

We offer several options for data collection and the analysis of data your agency already maintains. Roll-call surveys can capture officers' job satisfaction, stress levels, and attitudes about the organizational or community context. Community surveys can help identify residents' need and how to best meet them. Administrative data (calls-for-service records, use-of-force reports, etc.) can be analyzed to identify longitudinal trends and spatial patterns. Click on the "Contact" link and tell us what type of data or analysis you are looking for.

Other Services

Don't see what you are looking for in the above categories? We still might be able to help! Tell us what you want done and we will let you know if it is something we can do.

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